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New videos for Group Clashes

A few updates have been made to Group Clashes, my Navisworks plugin to automatically group clashes.

This new version is mostly about fixing bugs that were causing Navisworks to crash, especially when you didn’t save your work. I must thank all of you who were kind enough to report these bugs and help me solve them.

Another change is the renaming of single clashes. In some cases, clashes where renamed without being grouped. This is now corrected, and clashes won’t be renamed. This will allow you to use the name of a clash to follow its resolution. It’s also mean that I will never rename your clashes anymore, whether they are in a group or not. However, the groups themselves are still named after the feature that made them exist, whether it be a level, grid intersection or element name.

Along with this update, I also made two videos to explain how to use Group Clashes. You can find them below, or on the Autodesk App Store.

The first one will teach you the basics of group Clashes:

The second one will describe you in detail every available grouping mode:

I hope this video will help you make good use of Group Clashes.

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