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Revit plugins updated for 2021

This is a long overdue post, but I finally updated my Revit plugins for Revit 2020 and 2021.


Aligning Tags

This update brings small fixes and updates. Among them, you will find a more descriptive text in the Undo/Redo menu.

Undo align

I also added the ability to handle pinned elements. If you include a pinned element in your selection, the pinned element won’t move (obviously), but you can nonetheless use it to align other elements.

I also corrected of lot of issues involving room ans spaces tags. Those should now working as they should or at least give you an error message that means something

Room finishes

Undo align

This update is mostly about small fixes here and there. In case of an error when creating the geometry (Wall overlapping for example), you will have the ability to cancel the operation without ending up with a half completed skirting board.

I also corrected a few issues to improve performance when running the application on a lot of rooms.

Time Stamper

Undo align

Nothing much to say about this one, expect that it exists and now supports Revit 2020 and 2021.

A rather important modification in these releases is my utilisation of unit testing. This is completely irrelevant for your daily usage but it will improve the quality of these application. It will also make sure for me that I am not missing any issue before publishing. I will run a complete article about for those of you interested in Revit plugin development.

Has usual, these plugins are available on the Autodesk App store. You can find them here:

They are also open source, so don’t hesitate to propose any pull request you want. The entire source code is available on Github:

I must give my deepest thanks to all of you who have contributed to these applications by your code, remarks and sample models. Don’t hesitate to keep asking me new features!

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