BIM 42

About my job

As a part of the building information systems department, I’m involved in the development and implementation of BIM in our design process. This implies various tasks, from finding new software solutions to assure in-house user support.

The main part of the job, the so-called BIM Manager thing, is to organize the design process around chosen BIM software. Creating model templates according to the specification of the company, organizing multi-users modeling around a main model and providing users support are among the everyday tasks.

Apart from the in-house building design, we have also created BIM specific solutions for design offices or general contractors. These solutions range from synthesis and coordination at the early stage of a project to BIM facility management on existing buildings.

Finally, I try to keep in touch with all the BIM-related solutions, following the evolution of the information technology for building construction, from code-driven form-finding to on-site management using tablets and cloud-hosted solutions.

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