BIM 42

Why a new blog about Building Information Modeling ?

First of all, welcome to the BIM 42 blog, dedicated to Building Information Modeling and some related subjects.

Following advices from WordPress, I try to answer a few questions about this new blog, just to be sure I may have something worth to say.

What am I going to do with this?

In this blog, I will talk about information technology in the AEC industry. BIM is the main topic, but some digressions about visualization, documents management, pure 3D modeling or anything else will be common.

Who is going to read this?

This blog aims to be accessible by anyone from the building industry, BIM expert or not. Most post will be technicaly oriented, but I will try to keep in mind all those who aren’t spend their days in modeling softwares.

What kinds of information will I be posting?

For the most part, I will post comment on BIM software like Revit, Digital Project, Navisworks, and probably many others. I will also share some more general thoughts about BIM concepts, information technology applied to construction, and evolutions in the process of designing buildings.

Why am I doing this?

It’s my job. I’m working in the BIM department of a French engineering office and as a part of my job, I have to keep myself up to date with all BIM related solution and implement them in my company.

Who am I doing this for?

For myself, and for anyone interested in Building Information Modeling and related subjects.

How often am I going to be posting and adding information?

I’ll try to write post on a weekly basis, but don’t expect to much of me…

If you have any suggestions for interesting topics to cover, as well as any remark about the blog itself, feel free to post a comment or send me a message through the “Contact Me” form.

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