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Group Clashes 2020 Update

I have finally found the time to update Group Clashes, my Navisworks plugin for grouping clash results. The app now supports Navisworks version from 2016 to 2021.

Along with the update, I added a new grouping mode called “Model”. This mode will help you grouping clashes in a test containing elements from multiple models.

In my example below, I run a clash test between structural walls (Selection A) and all services (Selection B). In the Selection B, we have elements coming from 3 models (Duplex_Plumbing.rvt, Duplex_Mechanical.rvt and Duplex_Electrical.rvt).

The Products page

I select this clash test in the Group Clashes panel and group the result using the “ModelB” grouping rule. I end up with a group for each model in the Selection B.

The Products page

As usual, you will find this new version of Group Clashes on the Autodesk App Store. If you want to develop your own grouping rules, you can also find the entire source code on Github.

Happy grouping!

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