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Catenda for Revit

Catenda is a BIM collaboration tool with support for all the buildingSMART standards (IFC, bSDD, BCF, COBie). It comes with a range of APIs for easy implementation into your own software.

The Catenda add-in for Revit allows you to visualize, create, and edit issues seamlessly from within Revit.

All your issues are synchronized in real-time between Revit and Catenda, letting you access, share, and communicate issues. The issue format is BCF so that the issues can be shared across any BCF enabled BIM software or platform.

You can also export and upload your Revit model directly to Catenda in one click.

Features include:

Access to all your Catenda projects Filter and manage issues across issue boards Create new issues directly from Revit Locate issues in your Revit model Create a new 3D view for each comment Add pictures in your issues and annotate them Assign issues to other project members Change issue status and other properties Upload your Revit model as IFC to Catenda


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